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Angela Mutum MNCS (Accred)

Gestalt Counselling with Angela Mutum MNCS (Accred)

Change, Choice, Grief, Growth

There are times in life when friends and family can't comfort you and when nothing that has helped you before seems to work.  You may be feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, or you may simply know that something’s just not right.  

The aim of my counselling work is to walk beside you when you feel lost in the landscape of your life and to support you as you re-orientate yourself on solid ground.

Although many areas of your life may be OK, you may feel nonetheless feel that you are struggling to survive when what you really want is to be thriving.   Maybe you doubt the wisdom of choices which you have made and would like to talk to someone about what you might do to adjust those choices to suit who you really are, free from anyone else's agenda for you.  In the words of singer/songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter, "We've got two lives, one we're given and the other one we make.".  (The Hard Way). 

I walk beside you as you navigate a particularly difficult stage of your life, perhaps arising from burn-out, bereavement, redundancy or ill-health.

Maybe you long for time and space in your week in which to explore what is happening in your inner and outer worlds.  This is where my counselling practice comes in - I allow you the time and space that you need.

My interest in the creative potential of our relationship with our environment in general, and other people in particular, was initially stimulated by an experience of living in community on the Aegean island of Skyros in 2002.  Since then, I have returned to Skyros on a number of occasions.   See the About Me page for more information about my experiences of living in community.

I am registered as a counsellor with the National Counselling Society (registration number NCS23-01515) and I am based in Crouch End, London N8.   I work face-to-face, online by video and on the telephone on a weekly or fortnightly basis.   My fee is £60.00 per 50-minute session. 

You can can contact me directly using the "Get in Touch" page on this site or by text or email.

You can also start counselling with me using BetterHelp ( or ( 

I understand that you may find it difficult to seek help.  I am happy for you to contact me so that we can explore how we might work together with the difficulties which you are experiencing.  I will normally respond within 24 hours.

The FAQ page will help you to decide whether you want to work  with me and tells you more about the process of getting started.

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