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About  Me

Angela Mutum

I have a private practice as a Gestalt counsellor based in North London. 

Following university in Birmingham in the '80s, I moved  from Suffolk to London. 

As a solicitor for over 25 years (in the City of London, in the civil service and in the charity sector), I was skilled in clarifying an organisation’s objectives and in facilitating its progress towards them. 

As a counsellor, I support individuals navigating a similar process in their own lives, often in response to feelings of stress, anxiety or depression. 

I trained at the Metanoia Institute where I completed the foundation year in integrative psychotherapy and at the Gestalt Centre London where I completed a counselling diploma. 

The purpose of Gestalt counselling is to explore our relationships with ourselves and our environment.  My interest in the  creative potential of my relationship with my environment in general, and other people in particular, was initially stimulated by an experience of living in community on the Aegean island of Skyros in 2002.

I  have also experienced living in a number of other communities (both practically and spiritually-orientated) on a temporary basis whilst retaining my home in North London. 

It was on Skyros that I encountered personal development work rooted in the human potential movement advanced by the founder of Gestalt psychotherapy, Fritz Perls, and many others. 

I have continued that personal development work since, often with practitioners associated with the Open Centre, a personal growth centre formerly based in Old Street EC1.

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