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My Counselling Practice

Angela Mutum MNCPS (Acc.)

I work with clients face-to-face, online via video and on the telephone.  A session lasts for 50 minutes.  After the initial contact by text or email, we arrange to meet so that we can talk about what it is that is troubling you and what the way forward might be for you.  If you have not had counselling before (or even if you have), I will also be happy to answer any questions which you may have about the counselling process.

My counselling work has been concerned with clients' life transitions following on from bereavement, estrangement, divorce and other losses, illness, redundancy, retirement, menopause, burnout and addiction.  The key transition which I have needed to make is from my life as it has been mapped out for me  by others (family, friends, teachers, employers, society, authority figures) in the past and my life as I want it to be in the present.  In the words of singer/songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter, "We've got two lives, one we're given and the other one we make.".  (The Hard Way).

I worked as a volunteer counsellor for a mental health charity, for a carers' charity and for a bereavement service for nearly four years.  In that time, I gained much experience of counselling individuals with unpaid caring responsibilities, in particular those with family members who have a mental health diagnosis.  I also have experience of counselling individuals who are dealing with premature or violent bereavements.

Ultimately, I aim to give you time and space to let the light in on your experience so that we both see you and your experience for what they really are.  "Confidence is linked to how well our perceptions match reality.".  (Matthieu Ricard).  

I accept payment by electronic transfer and by Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account for this).

I understand that you may find it difficult to seek help.  I am happy for you to get in touch with me by text or email using the button below so that we can explore how we might work together with the difficulties which you are experiencing. 

My Counselling Practice: Services
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